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Fashion Walk SSA redemption T&Cs


Spending HK$500 reward: HK$200 South African wine e-coupon
購物滿 HK$500 獎賞: 南非葡萄酒電子優惠券

Terms & Conditions:
1. This e-cash voucher is valid for use only at SPECTACULAR South Africa from September 9-26 2021.
2. 10 quota per day and available on a first come first served basis.
3. The voucher can only be used for wine purchase.
4. Only one voucher can be used per transaction.
5. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or other products in whole or in part.
6. The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers, discount and cash coupons.
7. The voucher cannot be reissued if lost or stolen.
8. In case of any disputes, Wines of South Africa reserves the right of final decision.
9. In case of discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

1. 此電子現金券只適用於 SPECTACULAR South Africa,有效期由2021年9月9日至2021年9月26日
2. 每日名額 10,先到先得,,額滿即止
3. 現金券只適用於購買葡萄酒
4. 每筆交易只能使用一張現金券
5. 現金券領券不能全部或部分兌換現金或其它產品
6. 現金券領不可與其他優惠、折扣及現金券同時使用
7. 金券領如果丟失或被盜,不能新簽發
8. 如有任何爭議,Wines of South Africa 保留最終決定權
9. 本條款及條件的英文版本與中文版本在文義上如有任何差異或不符之處,一概以英文版本為準

Spending HK$1,500 reward: 2 glasses of South African wine (50ml/glass)
購物滿 HK$1,500 獎賞: 兩杯南非葡萄酒 (每杯 50 毫升)

Terms & Conditions:
1. This SPECTACULAR South Africa ‘2 glasses of South African wine’ (the “reward(s)”) is only valid at selected merchants / tenants (the “Selected Merchant(s)”) at selected malls operated by Hang Lung Real Estate Agency Limited (“HLREAL”).
2. This reward is valid from September 9-26 2021 and will not be reissued if expired.
3. To enjoy this reward, member must present the valid e-coupon at the shop.
4. This reward can only be used once.
5. This reward is only served in glass provided by the shop.
6. Multiple rewards cannot be combined to redeem a bottle of wine (partially or in whole).
7. The wine being served will be decided by the shop. Members cannot request different wine unless the wine is faulty and confirmed by the shop.
8. This e-Voucher cannot be cancelled, altered, transferred, refunded, returned, replaced or exchanged for cash, other product(s) or discount(s) under any circumstances.
9. Tenant reserves the right to cancel or change the offer details with or without notice and will not be responsible for any compensation in the event of cancellation or change.
10. Tenant bears the sole responsibility for all obligations and liabilities related to the quality and condition of the goods or services of this reward (partially or in whole).
11. HLREAL does not in any way warrant the quality and condition of or any other matters in connection with the goods or of this reward (partially or in whole) and shall not be held liable for the same. HLREAL shall not be held legally liable for any direct or indirect claims, demands, costs, charges, expenses, losses, damages and compensations arising out of or relating to the goods or services of this reward (partially or in whole).
12. HLREAL and (Tenant) may at its sole and absolute discretion and at any time amend these Terms & Conditions and/or withdraw or terminate this e-Cash Voucher without prior notice.
13. In case of any dispute, HLREAL and (Tenant) reserve the absolute right to make the final decision and the decision of HLREAL shall be final and conclusive.
14. By using this reward, users are deemed to have read, accepted and agreed to comply with these Terms and Conditions and accepted that HLREAL is entitled to the rights set out in such Terms and Conditions. In case of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, or any dishonest or fraudulent conduct and/or acts by the user of this reward, HLREAL has the sole and absolute discretion to immediately revoke such user’s entitlement to this reward, demand and recover from such user the benefits redeemed or equivalent value in cash and pursue any legal action, without any prior notice.
15. In case of discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

1. 此 SPECTACULAR South Africa: 兩杯南非葡萄酒「獎賞」只適用於特定商戶或位於恒隆屬下之物業內認受此獎賞之商戶作消費用途。
2. 此獎賞有效期為 2021年 9月 9日至26日,逾期無效,恕不補發。
3. 如欲獲得此獎賞,會員必須向商戶出示有效的電子換領券。
4. 此獎賞只可使用1次。
5. 此獎賞僅可用商戶提供的酒杯。
6. 獎賞不能合用以換兌一瓶葡萄酒(部分或全部)。
7. 所提供的葡萄酒由商戶決定。 除非該葡萄酒已變質並由商戶確認,會員不能要求其它酒款。
8. 此獎賞一經使用,在任何情況下,均不得取消、更改、轉讓、退還、替代或兌換現金、其他商品或優惠。
9. 提供獎賞之該商戶保留取消或更改獎賞內容而不作事前通知的權利及不會因活動取消或更改作任何賠償。
10. 提供獎賞之該商戶將對所有提供之產品及服務質素負全部責任。
11. 恒隆地產代理有限公司不以任何方式保證(部分或全部)與此電子換領券購買的商品或服務有關的質量和狀況或任何其他事項,並且對此不承擔任何責任。對於因此電子換領券購買的商品或服務(部分或全部)或與之相關的任何直接或間接索賠、要求、收費,損失和賠償,恒隆地產代理有限公司將不承擔法律責任。
12. 恒隆地產代理有限公司及(該商戶)有權隨時修改本條款及條件和/或撤回或終止此獎賞,恕不另行通知。並保留隨時更改任何條款及細則或終止換領此獎賞電子換領券之權利,毋須另行通知。
13. 如有任何爭議,恒隆地產代理有限公司及(該商戶)保留最終之決定權,不得異議,並對所有參與之方具有約束力。
14. 透過使用此獎賞電子換領券,該用戶被視為已閱讀、接受並同意遵守此條款及條件,並接受恒隆地產代理有限公司享有該條款及條件中規定的權利。若違反本條款及條件,或該用戶有任何不誠實或欺詐的行為,恒隆地產代理有限公司擁有決定權可立即撤銷該用戶使用本電子換領券的權利,有權要求從該用戶取回與電子換領券同等價值之賠償,並採取任何法律行動,恕不另行通知。
15. 本條款及條件的英文版本與中文版本在文義上如有任何差異或不符之處,一概以英文版本為準。